Ananda Stands up for the Elephants!

Last week, we stood up for the elephants who are suffering behind bars at the Oregon Zoo. Packy, in particular, has been incarcerated in isolation for 49 years. It is way past time for him to get out. He has never tasted freedom. Three years ago, Oregon Zoo director Tony Vecchio acknowledged that the elephants were suffering, and asked taxpayers to help him get them out of there. He told the public that the money would be used, in part, to fund an off site preserve where the elephants could finally roam on the earth as they were born to do, rather than just pacing in endless circles on the concrete. Or even on “rubberized substrate.” In 2008, voters agreed with him and gave the zoo the money. Shortly after, Tony Vecchio left the zoo, and the new zoo director has expressed a plan to use the off site “preserve” as a holding facility for elephants brought here for their BREEDING PROGRAM. In other words, even more elephants on an even smaller space. She has admitted to us that she has no plans to EVER release Packy or any of the other elephants to sanctuary. We say that is unacceptable. What do you say?

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BREAKING NEWS: SLDB turns in Evidence that Oregon State Representative Wayne Krieger is in Grave Violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act

As Ananda is on the banks of the Columbia river, the struggle to save the sea lions here from the fishing industry is of great concern to us. We belong to the ecosystem in which we live, and we stand with ALL of the beings who live here with us. Therefore, most of our board members are also members of the Sea Lion Defense Brigade. This complaint was just filed with NOAA’s office of law enforcement, with the Oregon State Police’s Fish & Wildlife enforcement division, and as a …courtesy… to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife by a Sea Lion Defense Brigadier who is also an Anandian. Continue reading

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Gemma is Healed and Ready for Adoption!

When we met Gemma, she was emaciated, emotionally exhausted, and missing most of her hair. She had come from a local kill shelter, and we were told she had demodex. They were unable to treat her, so they contacted us to see if we would take her. We try never to turn our backs on an animal in need, so we brought her in to Sanctuary at the Columbia Haus.

It turned out that Gemma did not have demodex after all, but was suffering from such extreme malnutrition that all her hair had fallen out.   Continue reading

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On Saturday morning, we learned that Vannah would be killed in shelter on Monday, unless we could save her. According to shelter staff, she is suffering from severe kennel stress, and has been injuring herself trying to get out of her kennel. (Those who do rescue work know that pitties do not do well in confinement. Intelligent, high energy dogs need a lot of physical and mental stimulation, and when they don’t get it they deteriorate quickly. It’s also very stressful for them to be subjected to constant loud barking and challenges at every fence.) Shelter staff do not feel that she is adoptable at this time, and they do not feel that she can be held there any longer.

Ordinarily, we like to have notice of a week or more from shelters, so that we can put a good plan together for each animal who comes in. But this was an emergency, and shelter staff informed us that they would not hold her while we searched for a placement. We had to either pick her up on Monday, or she would die. And here it is… Monday. Continue reading

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Welcome to the Ananda Blog!

We’re trying to expand our techie skills over here. So now, you can follow the Ananda animals any time. Please visit us here often to find out what is happening at Ananda, and to meet some of our many adoptable animals.


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Welcome to Ananda Farm Sanctuary

This blog will be, in the future, used to post major notices and updates regarding the Ananda Farm Sanctuary. You can also keep in touch with Ananda members and other animal lovers here:

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